Saturday, November 19, 2011

I Should Be Grateful, But...

Have you ever started a project and then felt like you're trying to eat an elephant?  Oh my goodness! This sewing room re-do is feeling just like that!

I folded and put all of the fabric away in my new shelves, and wound up with another whole tub of fat-quarter-sized pieces (found amongst the drawers and drawers of fabrics) which I folded and sorted into color families.  The sewing room is looking pretty good...however...

I waded into the guest bedroom where I'd parked all of the contents of the sewing room (pre-redo), and began sorting through things and finding places for what I wanted to keep.  (Remember this picture?)

And then...

In the guest room closet I found another big box of fabric.  And another big drawer full of fabric (still in the armoire in my room).  And sizeable pieces of every type of stabilizer, interfacing, batting and fleece known to man.  And an enormous box of scraps of every size and description.

I SHOULD be grateful for such a bounty of sewing, quilting and beading supplies.  And I am, really.  But just like a kid who has eaten too much candy, I've reached the point of diminishing returns.  Too much stuff.  
So...even more boxes will be filled with items to share with local sewing groups. 

Now, I'm off to take another bite out of that elephant, hoping it hasn't grown another leg.

Gratefully (and somewhat embarrassed),
Gramma Sheri

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sewing Room Re-Do - Part II - Making Progress

Perhaps you recall this post showing the beginning of my sewing room re-do?
Well, the shelving is in and this is what it looks like thus far:

I'm still deciding where I want to store other sewing items, but the machines are in place and the plastic drawers are sorted out.  My goal is to have a place for everything by this coming weekend.  Wish me luck!

Gramma Sheri

Friday, November 11, 2011


Maybe its just me being silly but it seems like there's something special about having a calendar date of 11-11-11.  Sure, we've had special dates every year since the millenium, but none with all the same numbers.  (I know, if you write it as 11/11/2011 then its not all the same numbers...but this is as close as it gets.)

Anyway, I think its pretty neat and so, to observe the once-every-100-years-occurrence, I plan to watch for ways to be a help and a blessing (anonymously, if possible) to my friends, family, coworkers...anyone I encounter during my day.  

We usually go through our days in "automatic" mode, entrenched in our routine ways of thinking, feeling, working, talking and interacting.  I wonder what will happen as I consciously try to think and act more positively and kindly, searching first for the good instead of knee-jerk-reacting to the bad.  I think its worth the effort.

"Finally...whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable,  - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - think about such things."  Phil. 4:8
Gramma Sheri

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 10 Ghastlie Giveaway Winners

Did you see who won the last, Ghastlie day's giveaways? 

Here they are:
Britt-Inger from Mrs. Susan's won the big stash of Ghastlie fabric donated by Jodi from 
Fort Worth Fabric Studio

Congratulations, Britt-Inger, and thank you Jodi!

Denise from Mdm Samm won this sweet Velocity 50 iron from Reliable

Congratulations Denise and thank you, Reliable!

Well, now what do we do?  The hop is over, the dust is settling, and its time to take a big breath...and get ready for Thanksgiving!

What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving day?

Gramma sheri

Ghastlie Giveaway Winner!

The WINNER of my giveaway is...

A HUGE thank you for everyone who commented!
And a HUGE thank you for those who chose to follow my blog.!

Hoping we can do this again, next year...


Just...Gramma Sheri

Friday, November 4, 2011

November 4 - Hop Day 10 (Sadly, The End)

Yes, the Time has Come. This is the End.  After today, nothing Ghastlie to see here.  (sigh)

However, you may want to keep tabs on the 54 Ghastlie Sistahs by following them or at least bookmarking their blog sites.  You never know when that Ghastlie Flu may break out again, individually if not enmasse!
(Gramma Sheri here:)
Things are not a grim as the Ghastlie Gentleman above seems to think!  There are still some giveaways to be announced, including MY giveaway on Saturday morning!
The three Day 9 winners will be announced later this morning, and there are still these to win on Day 10!
Jodi from Fort Worth Fabric Studio
Lots of Ghastlie yardage

Velocity 50 iron from Reliable
They have been SO generous

Now, go ahead and celebrate Friday by visiting SIX of my Ghastlie Sistahs listed under the November 4 heading in the left column.

Hop Along, Cassidy! (sadly, that  phrase is funny to fewer and fewer folks...)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

November 3 - Hop Day 9

Good eeeevening...
Please follow me to where the buried...

Day 8 WINNER of this:
is DUFF from Mrs. Jane Ghastlie's blog

There will be THREE winners today, DAY 9!  Just SEE what you can win!
$51.12 Gift Certificate from Corrie at Quilt Taffy
 LORALYN you won!
Mrs Corrie Ghastlie

A Beam 'n Read, Presencia Thread and 10 ghastlie covered buttons
Won by: CREATOLOGY from Mrs Ghastlie Pickles
4 yards of assorted Ghastlie fabric
Won by Denise:) from Mrs Cheryl GhastliesSo fun to win something, innit?

Please visit my 4 Ghastlie sistahs today (5, if Mrs. Sharon can whip her PC back into shape) for the next-to-the-last-day of this Ghastlie whirlwind.  They are listed under the November 3 heading in the left column.

Thank you for making this fun for all of us!

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