Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Break

My Granddaughter spent her spring break with us this year and we had a sewing-good time.  She flew here from Oregon...first time flying alone...and we drove to Phoenix to pick her up so no plane changes.

I had purchased a sewing machine for her from a friend, a Pfaff Creative 2000, and we had a ball sewing and embroidering for 10 days.  Priceless!  She was a pro at using the machine (including embroidery!) by the time she left.  She is a computer-savvy 7th-grader, and the machine didn't intimidate her at all!

Here are some of the things we made together:

A pillowcase for herself.

 A pillowcase for her brother.

 An embroidered t-shirt. We bought the shirt and then had fun selecting the design and choosing the thread colors.  She was a PRO at changing threads after embroidering this design!

Here she is at her new machine:
Watching the magic happen.

She also embroidered three colorful canvas totes, one for herself and two for her best friends.  I forgot to get photos of those.

We worked together to finish a quilt top that she and her mom had started a few years ago:
She sewed all of the cat blocks (38) and I sewed the snail's trail blocks (10). And they fit together perfectly!

We blew up Peeps in the microwave:

We made Peepmobiles:
(Notice the crocheted egg cozies in the basket? They had to get in on the photo shoot. They were
made by Granddaughter's daughter. There are actually 4 cozies: chicken, duck, bunny and the lamb is too shy to be in the picture).

We went to the Desert Museum and saw all kinds of critters, like these:

...and snakes, spiders, scorpions too, but didn't stop long enough to take pics of those.

We also went swimming, sat in the hot tub to take the kinks out of our hunched-over-sewing-shoulders, and visited and giggled to our hearts' content! 
I taught her sewing things and she taught me Pinterest and iPhone stuff.  Bonus!

 I feel like I received an infusion of interest and energy, and my heart is FULL!

Happy Days,
Gramma Sheri
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