Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gettin' It Back It's Old Self

So...although I don't know how it happened, the template layout on my blog was changed from three columns to two. And word verification was turned on. 
I can see a Blogger techie just rolling his/her eyes and muttering "Yeah, and you didn't change a thing."
In my former life I was a programmer and I muttered those very words under my breath too many times to count.
But I didn't.
Didn't change a thing.
But now I have. Changed things, that is.  
My blog is back to three columns and (what I realize now is) its old, boring self.  
Oh there are still some issues (like those screwdriver/wrench icons dotted all over the screen) 
but I'll deal with them later.  Probably.
What I DO need to do is add some pizzazz to my blog.  
Will work on that.
At least word verification is off.  I hope!

My Blog View Has Gone Rogue

Somehow, the layout of my blog changed drastically, and I'm puzzled.  No, make that downright alarmed!
Tried to correct it yesterday and thought I had.  
But no.  
It's like the gadgets and buttons and posts decided to merge like a shuffled deck of cards, forming two columns instead of three.
So now things are out of order, there is html code that has escaped from its button and is hanging around on the background and the whole effect is like Salvadore Dali had his hand in the blog's layout. 
And the screwdriver/open-end box-wrench icon is all over the place.
I really don't want to surrender my blog's personality to the cold, inanimate, inhuman, disinterested, impersonal, uncaring, grasping, unfeeling, juggernaut that is the Blogger Boogeyman.  

I don't like the sterile "dynamic view" templates.

I want my page in three columns, splashed with a plethora of buttons, lists, gadgets, colors and personal headings.  
Is that too much to ask?

Blogger: Listen Up!
I want my blog back!!!

With Frustration,
Gramma Sheri
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