Monday, July 8, 2013

Oregon Bound

Heading up to Oregon to be with my daughter and her family, as she recovers from surgery. 
It will be such a relief to be with her and to do everything in my power to make her, my SIL and grandies comfy and cared for.  
It will help me work out my anger toward this horrible disease that has caused so many hospitalizations, surgeries, pain, postponed celebrations, cancelled trips, related illnesses, disappointments.

Crohns Disease.

If you know anyone who has it, give them every ounce of compassion you have.

It will be good to be together.  
To "circle the wagons" and draw close.  
To gain strength and encouragement from each other.
To watch and bolster my girl's remarkable courage as she overcomes yet another onslaught this disease has made on her fragile body.  
Thanking God for His care, for answering prayers, for being blessed with awesome doctors and medical care.

We will make the time GOOD.  

When Husband and I return, I will have this waiting for me to finish:

This is (or will be) my quilt for the "String of Pearls" QAL
hosted by Christa Quilts.
Christa used the Pearl Bracelets fabric collection for her QAL.
I had 3 charm packs of Little Black Dress and decided to use that instead.
So, the name of my quilt is:
                                                  "No Pearls for my Little Black Dress".
Will take better photos when the quilt is done.

I'm sure we'll have some fun things to report from Oregon, and from the drive up there and back.
There are always good things around us, if we keep looking for them!

Moving Forward,

Gramma Sheri

Monday, July 1, 2013

Arizona Grieves...

Hearts and lives are broken.
May God be with the families of these brave men, and give them comfort.
May we never forget their sacrifice.

God Bless them All.


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