Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Nice, Bagly Finish

The small version of the Knotted Bag by Craft Apple

It was fun and easy to make.  Great instructions.  

I used Soft and Stable as interfacing for the main (outer) fabric front & back pieces, and I love the shaping it adds to the purse.  
I think I'm going to make the large version very soon...
Feels so good to finish up a project!
Sunny Days,

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Newest BABY (Go)!

A short time ago I was reading one of my BFFs (Blog Fabric Friend's) posts and saw that she was giving away a brand-spankin'-new Accuquilt Go! Baby.  So I entered the giveaway.  And I WON!  
Today I came home from work and was a bit cranky and down and tired.  And hot. (Its southern AZ, after all.)
The doorbell rang and my hubby answered the door.  He came back with his arms full of a BIG box with my name on it!  From Accuquilt!  Suddenly, I felt energetic and happy and elated.  Funny how a package from the UPS guy can just perk one right up, isn't it?

So, with many thanks to Annie of Annies Ruby Slipperz for hosting the giveaway, and to Accuquilt for sponsoring the giveaway, I now unveil my new baby:

Isn't she beautiful?  I chose the 5" squares, the birds and the sparkle tree dies. 

  I've already been playing!  Isn't this the brightest flock of birds you've ever seen?  
Tomorrow, I'll make some bluebirds.
(I covered up the ugly ironing board with nice fabric so as not to offend anyone's sensibilities.)

I'm tellin' ya, this is so fun, and I'm one very happy winner!  Now, um, does anyone have any ideas about what to do with 17 red birds?  ;D

Happy Days,

Thursday, April 19, 2012

May For Me Bingo

There is still a little bit of time to prepare/finish your bingo card, which is part of the May for Me celebration.  
The details for Bingo are at  
The details for May for Me is at 
Marcia's Crafty Sewing & Quilting.
See Vroomans Quilts for the tutorial on making the bingo card.
And check out Lily Pad Quilting, one of the May for Me guides, too!

 Here is my card:

Now I'm going to try to remember the steps for adding buttons and links to my sidebar!

Sunny Days,
Gramma Sheri

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Nothin' to Post About (Much)


Clean floors
Dusted furniture
Freshly washed clothes, rugs, bed linens
Photos boxed up and stored neatly in the closet (out of hot garage). Not part of regular housekeeping chores.  Definitely a !Squirrel! moment (see movie "UP")
Fridge cleaned out
House is ready for my Oregon kids, flying in on Thursday!

Bingo card almost finished - it's part of the May for Me celebration (more info here)

Signed up for Threadbias, a new online sewing community.  Will see how it goes, but looks promising!

Shoes for Mom's 80th birthday ball (this coming Saturday) arrived today (ordered online) and they FIT! (yes, the photo is bad...both shoes are fine :D)

Ball gown and shoes:

Received an Apple TV device from SIL and Daughter today.  HAPPY SURPRISE!  Was able to watch the remaining episodes of Doc Martin series 4 on Netflix.  Woo hoo!  Thanks so much, kids!

See?  Nothin' much to post about!

Catch you up after the ball...

Gramma Sheri

Monday, April 2, 2012

Something to Post About

OK, so yeah, I haven't been posting much lately.  Thing is, I've been so busy!  

MIL's 91st birthday. 


Vest Front
Vest Back
Shop Hop (at the quilt hop where I work PT) which meant sewing a new 


for the Great Fabric Roundup,
 making a lot of earrings to replenish my supply at the shop, cutting strips for jelly rolls, working some extra hours. 

Finishing up this: 

I love this pattern (The Creative Thimble Professional Tote) but it isn't one you just whip up in an afternoon.  At least, I don't! Feels so good to get a project done.

Now, to finish up my part in the preparations for my Mom's 80th birthday party which we've titled "A Sonoran Desert Ball".  I finished designing the program today and will get it to the printer tomorrow.  The photo sleeves have arrived (at the ball, guests will have their photos taken and printed, inserted in these sleeves and sent home with them).  I have my ball gown (two, actually...found one I liked better after I purchased the first one) and accessories.  Still need shoes though.  And printer cartridges and photo paper.  Selected photos for the slide show and my scrapbook page for Mom's memory book.  And finished re-knotting her pearl necklace.

 My siblings have been busy hiring a DJ, renting tables/chairs/linens, selecting table settings/decorations, procuring lighting, designing/sending invitations, hiring servers and parking valets, and making/freezing TONS of hot, cold and sweet hors d'oeuvres.  Plus sewing Snow White and Belle costumes for the Little Mr/Miss Ball that will be held simultaneously for the little ones.   
So I got easy jobs: program and photography.

Celebrations are fun AND a lot of work! I'm just glad I still have my Mom to fuss over and have parties for and spend time sewing with and have shopping days with and receive phone calls (and advice) from. (Yeah I know about run-on sentences and ending with prepositions...sometimes I just want to. heh heh heh) 

Good Times.

Now, back to my remaining tasks...

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