Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sewing Room ReDo - Part 1: Almost Full Disclosure

My Dear Man and I are in the midst of a complete overhaul of my sewing room.  We moved nearly everything out of there about 3 weeks ago and have been s l o w l y building a wall shelf unit to hold most (hopefully) of my fabric.  The room is tiny (it is a "craft room"...designed by a man, I'm pretty sure) but I have come up with some ideas that will at least let me have my fabric stash and my most important machines and sewing notions housed there.  This last sentence has given you a clue as to why the overhaul is being done:  My fabric is all over the house!  Here comes the almost-full-disclosure part, in photos:

Fabric and projects in boxes

Fabric and projects under beds and in closets

Fabric and projects in headboards and bedside stands and armoires

Sewing notions and tools in heaps and plastic drawers all over the guest bedroom (no room at the inn!)

Quilting, sewing and beading books stored out of reach (Watson the cat is loving her new "playground! Yes, SHE is named "Watson"...we weren't good at guessing her gender when she was a kitten, and I wasn't keen on trying to find out.)

Now mind you, there are other places (under beds, in closets and cabinets) in other parts of the house where there might be a bit more fabric.  Hence the "almost-full-disclosure".

The shelving units are built and sanded and one unit is painted (no top yet - it will be added when all 3 units are in place).

The little room is partially painted (white again...I want lots of light). You can see the line above the window where my new semi-gloss meets the old flat latex.  The shelving will slide in at the end of the counter top, and extra supports will be added to the end of the counter top (My Bernina 830 is HEAVY so we may have to add even more supports). I have to wait until my room is completely done before I can sew?  OF COURSE NOT!  That's what dining room tables (and my older Pfaff) are for!  :D

Meanwhile, Queen Bertha waits patiently for the completion of her new throne room.

Sew the daylights out of your day!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New "Ghastlie" Persona!

I am a member of a new blog known as "The Ghastlies" and its going to be quite fun!  I'm working on a secret project & tutorial to contribute to the blog. Exciting, for me, anyway!  Wish me luck!

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