Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Job

  1. The firstborn of six, I have always been a “fixer”. For the past 15 years, my daughter has suffered from an in curable disease, and the past year has been a nightmare as the disease has turned horribly aggressive. Through the chaos, the inability to “fix” anything, God quieted my heart with these words: “I did not call you to heal your child, or anyone else. That is MY job. I called you to walk beside her, to comfort, serve and support her. To uplift her with prayers and praise. To encourage her and minister to her. That is YOUR job.”
    This is how God is “unrushing” me…by teaching me not to try to do HIS job. My job is big enough.

    My girl is on an upswing as she recovers from the May surgery and a recent bout with cellulitis. I am so grateful that God continues doing His job.

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