Saturday, November 19, 2011

I Should Be Grateful, But...

Have you ever started a project and then felt like you're trying to eat an elephant?  Oh my goodness! This sewing room re-do is feeling just like that!

I folded and put all of the fabric away in my new shelves, and wound up with another whole tub of fat-quarter-sized pieces (found amongst the drawers and drawers of fabrics) which I folded and sorted into color families.  The sewing room is looking pretty good...however...

I waded into the guest bedroom where I'd parked all of the contents of the sewing room (pre-redo), and began sorting through things and finding places for what I wanted to keep.  (Remember this picture?)

And then...

In the guest room closet I found another big box of fabric.  And another big drawer full of fabric (still in the armoire in my room).  And sizeable pieces of every type of stabilizer, interfacing, batting and fleece known to man.  And an enormous box of scraps of every size and description.

I SHOULD be grateful for such a bounty of sewing, quilting and beading supplies.  And I am, really.  But just like a kid who has eaten too much candy, I've reached the point of diminishing returns.  Too much stuff.  
So...even more boxes will be filled with items to share with local sewing groups. 

Now, I'm off to take another bite out of that elephant, hoping it hasn't grown another leg.

Gratefully (and somewhat embarrassed),
Gramma Sheri


  1. LOL! Oh dear, is there any way you can marinate and grill that elephant, so it won't be so tough to chew and swallow?! What's that old do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!! :)

  2. I'm sorry that I am laughing at you, but it is only because I completely understand what you are going through. Three months later I am still "trying" to clean the rest of my fabric, yarn, and other craft supplies out of my old sewing room (supposed to be the guest room) and organize them in my new sewing room. I've been finding things all over the house and some of them I don't remember buying.

  3. It always surprises me, when I tackle a job like that is. I usually end up asking myself, where did all this stuff come from and how did it get here? It must be those blasted coupons, I can't seem to not use!! hahaha

    Cleaning up sure helps jump start my creative juices again. It always feels so good after it's all over!

  4. oops!! LOL I feel your pain and multiply it least the majority of yours was in one room! I have no sewing room and have material strewn around in Bags, boxes, a dresser, all hidden away so my Honeyman does not know when I buy more! Don't be embarassed! We all do it!! Good luck on finishing! I have heard elephant is good with a little soy sauce!!

  5. So far I am up to three clean-up, down sizing, re-organizing stints in my room - each one more delightful than the one before. I call it "getting in touch with my stuff." Wishing you luck on taming the monster - and know that sometimes you just have to say OhWell!!! and find sometime better to do. LoL - Judy C

  6. I recently did the same thing - an embarrassment of riches. I donated some to a local school library that I read was doing some craft stuff. blessings, marlene

  7. Oh Gosh. I love your humor. You have such a great way of putting stuff. I have that elephant which has more than 4 legs. LOL I'm terrified. I'd LOVE to start organizing. . . I just don't know where to start. It is daunting.


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