Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Ghastlie Catch-Up!

Ooohh, I feel much more relaxed and serene since I've sewed most of the Ghastlie Fever out of my system. I can hardly recognize myself!  It must be the effect all of your lovely comments had on me.  THANK YOU for your encouraging, enthusiastic, supportive interest in my projects!  I will be replying personally over the next few days but wanted to let you know right away how overwhelmed I am by your outpouring of kindness.
This has been a wonderful, exhausting first time as a "presenter" for a blog hop.  It is SOOOOO different than being a "hopper"!  I've learned more about managing, enhancing and editing my blog, more about blog etiquette, MUCH more about how time zones affect your blog posts (that scheduling option is GREAT!) and I've found a whole world of wise, witty, wonderful people who LOVE to create and share their creations.  BLISS!  
But right now, tired bliss, so I'd better shelve my wistful, poetic-waxing self and get on with stuff you REALLY want to know.


Mrs. Pickles, from Mrs. Pauline's blog, won the Day 6 (10/31) Giveaway:
Congratulation, Mrs. Pickles!

The winner of the Day 7 (11/1) Giveaway is Jacqueline L from my blog!  Woo Hoo!
Congratulations Jacqueline!
Here's what she won: 

Today's Giveaway (11/2) will be
This beautiful KONA bundle
in PINK is from our very 
own Jane from Jane's Fabrics.
This is her sweet....giveaway..
Oh and some Presencia threads too!
From her to YOU!

OH!  And here is some information that was requested by some of you in your comments:

1.  Yes, I WILL put together a tutorial for the steering wheel cover. I am listing those who requested one and will email you when it is up.  Those who follow my blog will see the post in their Google Reader list.  Thank you for your interest! 

2.  The purse pattern, "3-in-1 Bag" can be found at Satin Moon Quilt Shop
 Lois Toutant is a local designer for the Satin Moon quilt Shop in Victoria, BC.  
Though I love the pattern, the instructions are a bit, well, thin.  No diagrams, one page of instructions and some of the cutting instructions are on the pattern pieces themselves instead of in the instructions. Still, there were enough directions to get it figured out and put together.

3.  The placemat is made from 4 matching ovals and each oval has a lightweight fusible interfacing ironed to the back, for body.  There is a good tutorial at Feed Dogs Down
You can get 1 placemat out of 4 fat quarters.
4.   My husband is quite flattered that you all liked the picture he made for my blog yesterday and he thanks you, too!
Please visit my November 2 Ghastlie Sistahs - links on the left sidebar.
 Thanks again for your comments and for following and for putting up with my silliness.  

Blog on!


  1. I think most of the Ghastlie sistahood must be exhausted! Through all the hopping I have learned so much and am in awe of all the wonderful works of stitched art- Yes they are artworks to me! Thank you for sharing.

  2. It's me, it's me. I won the set of Aurifil threads. I am doing a happy dance. Thank you so much for all your hard work and wonderful ideas.


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