Saturday, December 3, 2011

IT'S DONE! (or as done as it's gonna get)

The sewing room is finished, stocked, organized (my version of it, anyway) and IN USE!


 OK, so it doesn't look too bad, but most of my REAL supplies (fabric, thread) were stashed in other rooms.  Plus, the area was carpeted...not such a good idea in a sewing room.

Built-in ironing board on the wall of the pass-thru between great room and laundry room/garage. I have not yet hung the design wall board to the right of the ironing board, but it goes up very soon!

Cabinets contain quilting/sewing/beading books and office supplies. Pegboard with cutting tools, embroidery hoops, bobbins. Printer, Pfaff and spool rack (with storage in it for stabilizer).

Another view. The under-counter cabinet tucked in the corner provides additional support for the counter top and contains all of my rulers and acrylic templates. Laptop is on the wooden TV table, close to the printer.  Yes, there are TWO teddy bears on top of the cabinets and my very own Cabbage Patch doll in the corner between them. :D  My Bernina 830 is hogging her own space on the right.

 FABRIC!  Where I can SEE it!  Woo hoo!  Mr. Wonderful built the shelving for me (and the counter top, and hung the cupboards and installed the in-wall ironing board). The stacked drawers contain notions and tools.  The fabric is arranged by color, except the Christmas, Southwest, Halloween, panels, and kids' prints are in their own stacks.  
Truth in Advertising:  Is this all of my fabric?  Well, no.  I have three tubs (the size of the white one there with the blue latch) of fat quarters all nicely arranged and stored in the guest room closet.  And I have a big cardboard box of scraps that I am in the process of cutting into strips and squares.
Also, there are stacks of books still stored in the guest room (neatly, on the built-in-shelf near the ceiling) that I haven't transferred to the sewing room yet.  See the empty top of the shelving? Well, it won't be for long!
But this is pretty much it.  Done.  It feels SO good!

Big Bertha the Bernina is pretty content, too!

Oh, and remember this?

Well, it now looks like this!

It's a guest room again! 

Whew!  What a process it has been, but totally worth it.   I feel calmer and more focused, and sewing is fun again.  

Many thanks to those who offered helpful advice and words of encouragement.  It kept me plugging along, eatin' away at that 'ol "elephant" one bite at a time!

Next Post: Exposing the L-O-N-G list of UFO's and PPTD's (Projects-Purchased-To-Do) found amidst the reorganizing chaos.

Until Next Time,
Gramma Sheri


  1. Woo-hoo... looks wonderful ..... I can just imagine what you found tucked inside....

  2. Wow, what a wonderful creative space you now have! I have just quilted a quilt for a gal who in trade is going to come and organize my quilt room... a good trade for me!!

  3. It looks great. I love having everything organized, easily accessible, and my fabrics where I can see them. Now you can get back to creating beautiful things.

  4. Way to go, Mom! It looks wonderful Sure wish I was coming to spend time in that beautiful guest room this Christmas. Hoping to see you in April. :)


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