Friday, November 4, 2011

November 4 - Hop Day 10 (Sadly, The End)

Yes, the Time has Come. This is the End.  After today, nothing Ghastlie to see here.  (sigh)

However, you may want to keep tabs on the 54 Ghastlie Sistahs by following them or at least bookmarking their blog sites.  You never know when that Ghastlie Flu may break out again, individually if not enmasse!
(Gramma Sheri here:)
Things are not a grim as the Ghastlie Gentleman above seems to think!  There are still some giveaways to be announced, including MY giveaway on Saturday morning!
The three Day 9 winners will be announced later this morning, and there are still these to win on Day 10!
Jodi from Fort Worth Fabric Studio
Lots of Ghastlie yardage

Velocity 50 iron from Reliable
They have been SO generous

Now, go ahead and celebrate Friday by visiting SIX of my Ghastlie Sistahs listed under the November 4 heading in the left column.

Hop Along, Cassidy! (sadly, that  phrase is funny to fewer and fewer folks...)

1 comment:

  1. Howdy Doody, Buffalo Bob! I shall finish hopping along now....
    And happy trails to you!


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