Saturday, October 1, 2011

Zipper Insanity!

So I kinda got intrigued by all the fun things you can make from zippers, and asked the owner of the LQS where I work if she would order some of the patterns and zippers for me.  She did.  I have been playing with them, making the flowers and bugs and Christmas ornaments from the patterns...pure enjoyment.  Then in a moment of insanity I decided to design my own zipper creation and settled on...a TURKEY!  Yep.  That's him right there in the picture, spindly legs and all. 

Isn't it fun to be goofy once in awhile?  I think I will do it more often!  Hmmm...what else can I immortalize in a zipper sculpture?

Play like you mean it!



  1. Ha.. that is really cute....and clever.. I hope you show us more!!

  2. Just darling - what in the world did you make the legs from? blessings, marlene

  3. Love your 'zipper-art'! He's a cutie! I really enjoy reading these blogs, there are so many clever things to enjoy!

  4. Absolutely adorable, Mom. I love it! You are incredibly creative. I'm amazed.

  5. That is adorable.

  6. I love your work and your cute blog.... now if I could just get with the program and become creative like you... Make it a super great day...


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