Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ghastlie Thursday - Hop Day 4

Well, here we are at the 'ol Ghastlie home place.  Sure is nice to snuggle into a cozy house when the fall winds blow.  Oh sure, things get a little, well, ODD here sometimes.  Still, there's no place like home.  Even one that needs a new roof, some weatherizing and a new coat of paint. Oh, and somebody has GOT to do something about those bats roosting in the attic (bats roost, don't they?).  Maybe that cranky maid should be sent up there to get rid of them.  Heh heh heh...

Before we get TOO snuggled in, let's take a peek at the giveaway for Day 4:
Fabulous Creative Grid rulers!
Today's Five Grand Ghastlie Bloggies are your key to winning these babies and your ticket to a whole cauldron full of Ghastlie inspiration.  Go on now and check 'em out!

Day 3 Giveaway Winners!
Sheri from Mrs Penny Ghastlies
Jackie from Mrs Karen Ghastlies..

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