Friday, October 28, 2011

Ahem...Ladies and Gentlemen...

The Ghastlies have taken a much-needed break for the weekend but have asked me to impart the news that they will be very much in attendance again on Monday morning (early!).  They invite you to follow along for another week of Ghastlie Goodness, Hilarious Hijinks and Indubitable Inspiration.
(What they ACTUALLY said was to tell you they're gone for the weekend but will be back Monday and they want you back here ready to rumble then.  However...well...that sounds so COMMON when spoken thusly and it's, well, totally incompatible with my outfit and solemn, somewhat haughty demeanor. 
So I haughtied it up a bit.
Much better.
Don't you agree?

I know they want to sound "hip" and "with it" but really, must one give in to the...
I say, did you know that you have a soft, bluish vein throbbing ever so gently in the milky white curve of your neck? what was I saying?  Oh nevermind.  I must be off.  Suddenly, I'm very, very hungry.

Ever so Fondly,
Count Edward

(Sebastian PLEASE.  Complete your ablutions in PRIVATE.)

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