Friday, October 28, 2011

Ghastlie Friday - Hop Day 5

Um, hello. I'm so caught me in the middle of...something.  I'm Prudence Elizabeth Ghastlie.  Sometimes folks call me "Lizzie" because I remind them of someone famous (er, infamous, actually).  I prefer to be called Prudence, and that's all.  You won't upset me by calling me something else, will you?

I was instructed to welcome you to Day 5 of the Ghastlie Blog Hop.  Today, you will have another opportunity to win this:
4 yards of beautiful fabric featuring my fascinating family.
(including me. Prudence. You WILL remember to call me that now, won't you?).
All you need to do is visit the FIVE lovely Ghastlies noted above (left sidebar, October 28) and leave a comment at each blog, which will give you the opportunity of having your name drawn for the daily giveaway.  
Disclaimer:  winning this fabric may give you the Ghastlie flu.

So, that's it.  How did I do?  You may want to say "You did very well, Prudence".  I would, if I were you.

(from Gramma Sheri: Prudence did just fine, don't you think?  Oh, and the winner for Thursday's giveaway will be announced soon...check back here later.  And have fun!)
The rulers were won by
Evelyn from Mrs Sharon Ghastlies


  1. OH Gramma Sheri ... Prudence did excellent ... just excellent!! Great for you both :) Hugs to you and happy day wishes :)

  2. You did very well, Prudence. I love this post.

  3. Prudence, I wouldn't miss a chance to win your picture on fabric!

  4. Prudence and Gramma Sheri are some of my favorite people or Ghoulies I guess is the real way to address these Ghastlies.
    I can't wait to win a prize... hmmm wonder when my turn will come?


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