Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Word for the Year

"De-Clutter".  To clean out, clear out, give away, toss away, sell, bequeath, donate, or otherwise lose anything that:  I don't love, won't use or wear, have duplicates of, would be of more value to someone else, weighs/drags me down, "might" be used someday, "might" be more valuable some day, "might" fit someday, requires a lot of extra care or worry (husband and cat excepted, of course).  My hope is that, as the clutter goes, that space will fill up with the really important stuff in life.  A good plan for a new year.


  1. Hooray!! Good for you! I keep trying. Starting. Falling off the wagon. Trying again. I DO have a bag near the front door that is going to the White Elephant on my next trip that direction. When my stronger person gets home, I have a box of two of books that need to go with that bag.

    Mine is FOCUS. Related to yours.

  2. De-clutter has been my word of the year for the past TWO years. I certainly hope you have better luck then I. However I'll be moving this year to another house so I'll have no choice soon. And love your fabric bowls by the way.


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