Monday, January 17, 2011

Decluttering Effort #1

No, it hasn't taken me 8 days to recover from my birthday.  I've been working on my first major decluttering effort of the new year.  This entails going through years and years and years of magazines I've saved, cutting out the patterns, instructions and inspiring ideas I really want to keep, and then storing them in plastic sleeves in binders.  Thus far I've emptied 8 LARGE magazine holders!  The magazines I've cut pages from go into the recycling bin.  The intact magazines (over 100 of 'em) will be donated to the quilt guild for the used book/magazine sale next week.  Yay!  Only 5 more (smaller) magazine holders to sort through and I'll be DONE!  (With that project.)  Then its on to the really HUGE decluttering endeavor:  the Fabric Stash.  <sigh> Pray for me...

1 comment:

  1. Ok, I'm inspired by you. But I must confess that not being able to even get to my sewing area in a week has caused me to see that I am starting to just "PILE-UP" stuff. So my organinzing will begin with the spare room (my only one) so that I can then put everything back in it's place. Thanks for the inspiration (I think).


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