Sunday, January 9, 2011

Birthdays and Stuff

My birthday is nearly over for another year (whew!) and my hubby's begins in just a few minutes.  Yes, we have back-to-back birthdays.  Yes, we've been married for forever and yes, we get along just fine even though we're the same "sign".  Never did quite understand the fascination with astrological signs, it being a bunch of foolishness and all.  Anyhoo (as my son says...or did a few months ago but language fads change as quickly as the seasons) its been a nice, quiet, snuggling-in-the-recliner-with-a-quilt kind of day and I've enjoyed every minute of it.  I received a wonderful card from my mom-in-law that had the both of us crying and my heart feels at least two sizes larger.  She really DOES love me and I don't know why but its all wonderful anyway.  My daughter gave me a special Bible verse for the year, Isaiah 43:19, and I plan to write it out and post it in my sewing room.  She and Wade and Alayne and Timothy sang Happy Birthday to me and then I had a lovely visit with my daughter. I Skyped with son Robert and DIL Heather and the two puppies, and that was very special to me, too.  Lots and lots of Facebook birthday greetings plus calls from my brother Dave, sister Katie and my Mom.  I'm totally spoiled, and have enjoyed every minute of it!  Well, time to wrap this up and go wish my hubby HIS first "Happy Birthday"!  Good times...are like gold.


  1. Happy Birthday Dear Friend- I know that you totally enjoyed the snuggly-in - a quilt day. You deserve it.
    Love you....Jacquelyn

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hear, hear!! You DID deserve that nice day. I'm so glad that you go to do that.

    Love ya lots,



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