Sunday, May 20, 2012


Warning: this is not a post about quilting!

Resentment can gnaw away at your inner parts until, one day you wake up and you are all gone.
It's horrible.
While it eats away at you, it immobilizes you in a frozen fury:
you feel powerless, suspicious, distrustful, victimized.

Living in a community you loathe can plant the seeds of resentment.
Losing your independence to care-giving responsibilities can do it also.
The list of things that can cause resentment is almost endless.

Resentment's bosom buddy is Guilt. 
Together, they can totally destroy a person.

I'm working hard to get rid of them.
Prayer.  Lots of it.
Thanksgiving.  Even more of that.

My sermon, to myself.

gramma sheri


  1. We all have to rant! You are human and it is allowed! I am praying you find whatever peace you need to! Hugs!! :)

  2. Hi Sheri. It sounds like you and I are in the same situation. If so, I know exactly what you are feeling.

  3. I have lifted you up this morning asking first that you are able to forgive yourself for whatever guilt you are feeling. God has wiped it away and for Him it is is we who hold on to it. :) I've also asked for peace about this situation and grace to show His love to others involved. Grace is the hardest for me. Sometimes I'd really like to slap someone's face when they're being ugly! I heard the other day that we should keep a journal, writing in it each night before bed all the things we are thankful for that day. According to some study (don't they study the oddest things?) it will lower your blood pressure and help you sleep better. Blessings, Marlene


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