Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fun Mail!

Arrived home from my Mom's late this afternoon.  Stayed with her for a couple of days after her dental surgery on Thursday, and then ran a bunch of errands on the way home today.  
Unpacking to do.
Dinner to fix.
(pity party on the horizon)

Then I went to the mailbox and....
My Rio Mini 90 Aqua Pump/Power Head arrived!
Thank you so much, Josie!

Oh wait...that's not right.

The lovely pineapple pincushion I won came! Thank you so much, Josie
(The box threw me off for a minute...:D )
Josie of Insanity Defense  hosted a giveaway which was this lovely pincushion that she made, and also the pattern for it.  The pattern, Pineapple Crush, is a new one by Rana of Pieces of my Life, and can be found here

Aren't the colors Josie chose simply wildly perfect?  I have the pincushion sitting atop my sewing machine to brighten my day.  Now to find some pins deserving of such an awesome pincushion!

Suddenly, I feel all wiggly happy.  Thank you, Josie and Rana!

Happy Days,
Gramma Sheri


  1. So glad it arrived safe! And if my box made you giggle it was a bonus! ;)

  2. Bahaha!! Cute intro there! That made it a *real* surprise package, huh?! Purple and orange?! Those are *my* colors!!! Enjoy! :)


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