Monday, May 28, 2012

For Dad

Today I remember my Dad.
How he went to war.
Lost so many of his friends.
Saw things a person should never have to see.
He drove a tank across Europe.
Patton's army.

He came home, married the love of his life and raised 6 kids.
We are a close family.
Dad loved his family fiercely, possessively. 
And he loved the Lord most of all.  
He was a great man, a remarkable man.
There was a whole generation of like my dad.
Men who didn't make excuses or complaints.
Men with integrity.
Men who revered the truth.
Men who sacrificed.
Men who kept promises.
Men who were proud of doing for themselves and their families and their country.
Men who did what had to be done and prayed that they would live through it.
I miss him so much. 
And so does the world.


  1. what lovely words.... and a fine looking man....

  2. My Dad was 51 when I was born. He also was a tank driver in Patton's army during WWII. Thank you for this post. I appreciate it very much.

  3. A lovely tribute to your dad. :)

  4. Thanks for the wonderful tribute to your Dad and all of ours too. Yes WWII and Korean War were the wars my Dad went through. Navy WWII and Army Korean. He was one of the men just as you described, thanks for the memories.

  5. What a wonderful tribute to your father. I wonder how old he was when he did all those things....driving the tank & all. He looks so very young in the photo. Came to your blog by way of your entry in the Quilt Gallery. I voted for your entry. Great work.


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