Friday, December 16, 2011

Some Occupy My Sewing Room Results

 The red lace bows I machine-embroidered a couple of days ago.  They are earring "jackets".  From Criswell Embroidery. 

4-sided placemats (sorry about the sunstreaks across the photo).  They are MUCH cuter than the photo shows, and I hope the recipients enjoy them (along with the goodies tucked between the folds...).

It has been such a fun week, sewing almost every day with few interruptions.  Wednesday was shopping day with my Mom, and we had SUCH a lovely day!  It was a Christmas gift in itself, and most likely will be the most memorable part of this Christmas.  We tend to forget the gifts we receive, but the time spent with loved ones, we remember! 

The packages have been mailed and now I can concentrate on the two items I need to finish sewing, and Christmas cards, and planning Christmas dinner.  Its all good, though, and worth the effort.

I hope you are enjoying your Christmas preparations also, and will share some of your ideas and traditions with me.

gramma sheri 


  1. Love the colours you have used for the placemats... am intrigued by earring 'jackets'... hope your next week is just as much fun

  2. You certainly got some fun stuff done while occupying your sewing the bows.

  3. Those red machine embroidered bows are WAY cute! I get so happy to see others that do machine embroidery. It wasn't until about 2 years ago that I took the machine embroidery plunge. I'm 59. Yikes! I think of all the years I waited to do something so fun.

    I'm not too smart...I dunno what "4 sided" placemants are...would you be so kind as to enlighten me? =)


  4. I'm envious of my kids' placemats. They used them immediately and loved the gifts tucked inside. Of course, I have no complaints about my gift, either. It fits perfectly. Now, to dream over the possibilities of it's use. :)


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