Thursday, May 19, 2011


We drove to Laughlin, NV this past Sunday (15th) and it was a wonderful trip.  Spent 2 nights at the Riverview - special deal with two prime rib dinners and 2 movie tickets thrown in - and had a wonderful time.  Walked along the River Walk and checked out all of the other casinos, did a little (VERY little!) gambling, relaxed in our very nice room overlooking the Colorado river.  Lovely!  Left on Tuesday AM and drove through some stark-but-beautiful country and the Joshua Tree forest on our way to the Grand Canyon Skywalk on the Hualapai Indian Reservation. Spent the day touring that area (via bus, cost: $73 each) and yes, we DID go out on the glass skywalk.  The western end of the Grand Canyon is as spectacular as the more-visited sites.  The skywalk was ok.  Spent Tuesday night in Williams and woke up to rain.  Yay!  Moisture!  After breakfast we drove up to Grand Canyon Village.  Rain. Snow. Hail. Wind. Bitter.  Phil took some video and then hot-footed it back to the car...where I sat contentedly crocheting, all warm and cozy.  He, on the other hand, looked somewhat like frozen Rizzo the Rat after his dunking in the water barrel (Muppets Christmas Carol).  Took a bit to get him (Phil) to bend at the middle after he wedged himself back into the car.  Headed home after that, going back through Flagstaff.  It snowed/hailed for quite awhile and there were some cars in the median and off the side of the road that had spun out.  One had rolled.  It was weird to drive through snow and then a couple of hours later drive on dry pavement in 70 degree weather. 
Stopped at a quilt shop in Williams and then one in Flagstaff.  No noteworthy purchases.  Arrived home at about 9PM Wednesday night.  Gotta love those road trips!!!
Now, packing for the trip to Portland.  Am SO thankful for my girlfriends who stepped up and took my work days so I could be with my daughter!!!


  1. Thank-you to all of Mom's friends! I'm just so relieved my parents are coming for my surgery. :)

  2. We're thinking of Diane and Sheryl and family. Wishing for all the best! Safe travels!


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