Saturday, June 18, 2011

Blog Interrupted

It has been a month since the last post, but in my defense, I was out of town.  Yes, I did have access to my blog but my brain was elsewhere.  DH and I were helping our daughter & family as she recovered from yet another Crohns-related surgery.  We are pleased to say that she is recovering well and we're happy to be back home. (Even though home is located in the hot, hot, hot, smoky southwest!) We miss our kids and grandkids though. A LOT. Thankfully, we have Skype and Facetime so can both see and talk to each other regularly!  We're grateful for all of the prayers of family and friends and we are positive they've made a tremendous difference in our daughter's recovery.  I'm so grateful to my quilt shop coworkers for working extra hours to cover for me in my absence.  They are the BEST!

On the way home we spent an extra day and drove through Zion National Park.  It is so beautiful and we took many photos. I love the startling geography of the park and tried to capture some of it for a possible landscape quilt.  The striated red-rock formations were fascinating, especially against the brilliant blue of the sky.  I want to go back and spend more time in the park and also take in Bryce Canyon, too.  I will post some photos in the next few days and include some from our time with DD & family.  And some of the "goodies" I found in various quilt-and-other-shops along our trip route (gotta love that iPhone for finding fun places!).

Oh, and Happy Father's Day to the Dads!

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  1. So happy your daughter is recovering well from her surgery. Friends of mine visited Zion National Park and the pictures they sent are incredibly beautiful. A landscape quilt would be just beautiful ! Good luck with it.


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