Wednesday, December 22, 2010


My son-in-law's Mom, Carol Anderson, passed away this evening.  She was a wonderful woman and my dear friend.  Many in-law families do not have the joy of merging together into a bigger family; of enlarging their hearts and accepting one another as true friends and not just tolerating one another for the married couple's sake.  Now, because of this closeness and love, I shed tears as painful as any sister might shed.  My heart aches not only for my son-in-law's and daughter's sakes but for my loss as well.  I mourn the loss of seeing her laughing eyes, listening to her wisdom, sharing the moments of our lives with each other and learning from one another as women so often do.  I see her likeness in my granddaughter and find comfort in that. She was so full of love for her family and her God and Savior, and I feel she has left us too soon. 

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