Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Is This a Problem?

So...I went to my sewing room to tidy it up so I could find what I was going to work on.  Decided to clean the cat litter box first and discovered I didn't have plastic bags so went to the kitchen to get them and decided to install a cup hook in the shelf over the cat box so I could hang a sackful of them there.  Going through the drawers in the kitchen (where I last remembered seeing a cup hook) I decided to clean out one of the drawers which I proceeded to do and then noticed the pile of junk mail and catalogs that needed the addresses shredded which I proceeded to do and then grabbed a quick bite to eat and read the Verizon ad while eating.  Wandered back into the sewing room to tidy it up and realized that the cat box still needed attending to so I proceeded to do that and then put a couple of things away in my sewing room and decided I needed to blog about my activities to see if I truly do have a problem with my attention span so having done this I will put the thread away and start the embroidery project awaiting me.  But first I will answer the phone and then look up the instructions for proper monogram placement on hoodies and then do a test to see if the size in right and THEN I will start the embroideries!

Do I have a prblem?

1 comment:

  1. I think that sounds pretty normal to me. I don't see a problem. You got a lot of things done!


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