Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Annie Art!

After lurking and entering several giveaways by Annie at freezeframe
Not ONLY the postcard, but she made a special envelope to send it in, too!

It is so special, because the flower reminds me of a sunflower (my favorite flower, as it was my Dad's also).
And the bee?  Well, Annie didn't know this, but my maiden name is Wetherbee!  Mom and Dad had a special stamp made for their return address that had a bee on it.  Awesome!

Then, this:

Annie was giving away several postcards and asked those interested in receiving one to choose their favorite.  I chose this one for several reasons:  I LOVE coffee.  And birds.  And music (family is very musically-inclined).  And the color RED.  So it is perfect!

The LOVE letters are raised just a bit and the heart on the coffee cup is sparkly.  The card edges are BOUND and STITCHED!   The back is stamped with a Postcard image and Annie wrote a sweet message to me.  Also on the back Annie penned a title for the piece: "cuppa love". 
 The photo doesn't do justice to the actual card.  It's lovely!

Anyone reading this, I encourage you to visit Annie's blog and enjoy viewing the lovely things she designs, both paper and fabric art.  You will be inspired!

A view of both:

Thank you Annie!

Happy Days,
Gramma Sheri 


  1. Those are lovely... no wonder you are so thrilled... how clever..

  2. Well listen to you! Goodness me am I blushing! So happy I chose the exact right person for this postcard. I must have been getting some telepathic vibes while playing with your envelope. LOL Thank you so much for your generously kind words and you are so welcome too!

  3. congratulations...fabulous win and adore the envelope.


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