Sunday, October 28, 2012


In Memory of Watson

Our elderly cat, Watson, lost the last of her 9 lives Saturday morning.  She will be greatly missed for a long time to come.
She was rescued from a blackberry bush when just a kitten and immediately became the Empress of the family.  She found nearly everyone annoying except a select chosen few, readily dispensing disapproving hisses to anyone uninvited into her domain.  Dubbed "the demon cat" early on by our son-in-law, Watson was described by our daughter: "She was ornery, beautiful, soft, loyal to the very few she loved, unpredictable, vindictive, tiny and tons of fun. She's become part of the history of the family. I think everyone had some sort of run-in with her though we were all secretly delighted by her naughtiness."

Watson (so named before her gender was correctly determined) was a cantankerous, opinionated, quixotic, inquisitive, vocal, bossy, playful, tuxedo old lady with a comical pouf of a tail that looked like a startled dust broom. Though we miss her so much and will even more so in the coming days as our lives adjust to her being gone, she left us with almost 2 decades of memories that will help ease her absence (and perhaps will also preclude her being replaced anytime soon...just kidding Watson...we loved you...truly we did). 

Thank you, dear old girl, for adding your story to our lives.

Gramma Sheri


  1. My Dear Friend,
    Watson was such a delightful part of our conversations and sewing days.... I loved having her great me at the door with her hiss and her rubdown of all my equipment/sewing case and chair. I will also miss her lively spirit. Maybe she and Gigi will make friends in Pet Heaven.

  2. A beautiful tribute for a beautiful friend. I am so sorry for your loss.

  3. It is amazing how the critters burrow into our hearts! Even the ornery ones! Smile and thinknof the great times!

  4. What a wonderful cat she was. It is very hard living without them but life is much better for living with them.

  5. Oh Sheri, Watson was a beautiful gal ... and I love how you described her. I can tell she was a terrific friend and will be much missed. Sending hugs your way. :)


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