Thursday, February 23, 2012

Road Trip

It had been awhile since we'd been able to "get out of Dodge" so this past weekend hubby and I headed out of town to meet up with some friends in Sedona.  The weather was perfect!  Wanna see some pics?  Here they are anyway. :D

  This is the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona, AZ.  The exterior picture was taken on the roadway below the chapel.  The interior is furnished quite simply, allowing the magnificent view and the cross to take your breath away.

 A mosaic of a dove at the entrance to the chapel.

These weavings were on either side of the chapel.  

Various photos of the famous red rock cliffs surrounding Sedona.  The afternoon sun played havoc with my camera settings, but you can still get a feeling for the beauty of the area. 

Oh, and yes, there is a lovely quilt shop in Sedona: Quilter's Store Sedona.  

I may have to try my hand at designing a landscape quilt or two from my photos. Do you ever feel quiltingly inspired by your photos?  

Road trips can clear your head and jump-start your enthusiasm.  Try it!

Happy Road-Trippin',
Gramma Sheri

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