Saturday, January 7, 2012


No pictures today.

No completed projects.

Just waiting.

Waiting for my "word" for the year.  Nothing feels right yet.

Pondering all of the fun opportunities available in blog land and elsewhere...opportunities to learn and share and create.  But what is the BEST way so spend the time I've been given? 
I'm Waiting to see.

Maybe this won't be the year to DO unceasingly, but rather the year to Wait.  To Ponder.  To tidy up the insignificant details of daily living while growing in character, in patience, even?  

It is enough right now to give God thanks for this brand new year, to wait expectantly for His guidance, and to make the most of each moment He gives to me.


  1. maybe your word it wait! There is nothing wrong with wait and see! We can't be proactive every day of our lives! Waiting works on your patience! And I had to look up to make sure I was spelling correctly and I love doing that because I look at the meaning! We all know what words mean, but sometimes looking at the written meaning is so much more patience is (in part) 'the state of endurance under difficult circumstances'! I like it! hehe! Sorry early in the morning and I'm feeling silly!

  2. Waiting isn't all bad ... it sure has its benefits, right? Good things come to those who wait?! Haha! Hang in there, Sheri! Your patience will pay off, I've no doubt! :)

  3. OK! Perhaps it is WAIT but perhaps it may be ACT!
    I find that sometimes I have to just act, to do something, because the waiting drives me crazy!!!


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