Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Catching Up!

  Misery loves company, they say. Right now, I'd love to be over this cold!


Maybe I'll just stick with the Nyquil.
On to more interesting things...

I'm addicted to these mini-quilt stands.  I found this wonderful heart fabric at my local quilt shop (Hearts and Hands Quilts in Green Valley, AZ).  Its yardage with rows of hearts.  I cut out the hearts and sewed them together with batting in between, catching in little ribbon loops on the top hearts and a strand of ribbon at each end of the remaining hearts. Tied them together and !voila!  A cute little heart-screen!  I think I'll make a screen of shamrocks for March.  But I'll make up my own pattern for them.
My dear friend Joyce visited a few days earlier this month and we sewed up a storm.  It has been a VERY long time since we've been able to do that (she lives in Oregon...I'm in AZ) so we made up for lost time!  Just look at what we managed to do in 2 1/2 days!

Joyce (on the left) did the lion's share of what you see pictured on the table.  She made the two mug rugs (top right) and the "feb" wall-hanging next to them (which will hang from a table-top stand like the one displaying the hearts...I have gotten her addicted to these stands, too!). 
  Then we went through my (newly-organized!) scrap bins and she finished transferring/fusing/cutting/arranging 7 of the little quilts for my "Seasoned Quilter" wall-hanging (by Amy Bradley).  What a wonderful labor of love!  Now each time I hang one of them I'll remember the fun we had picking through the scraps, visiting, sharing new ideas, and will know that my friend did all this for ME!  
The two little Arizona flags became pincushions, commemorating Arizona's centennial this year.  They are for sale at my local quilt shop. 

A few days after Joyce departed, I was GIVEN this sweet little item by my friend Denny's mother, Mary:

Can you BELIEVE it???? A pretty little Pfaff 130.  I always wanted one.  Just because.  And Mary GAVE it to me!  I and SO happy and thankful!
I polished and oiled the machine (it works!)  and will take it in for some professional TLC as soon as this darn cold is done with me. 

Well, that's it for the catch-up.  Thanks for reading along and have a SEW GOOD week.

Gramma Sheri 


  1. You just can't match the craftsmanship of the old machines! I have an old machine with a foot pedal (no not electric, man powered!!) and I have always wanted to see if it works, but don't know anything about the darn machine! Some day!! maybe!! LOL

  2. Wow! I love the stuff you both did as well as the machine. What a huge blessing. I wish I could have been with you and JOyce. I miss our holiday craft Saturdays.
    Sorry you're sick, Mom. I hope you get better and don't end up with a sinus infection!
    I love you and miss you muchly.

  3. I hear that tonic water has quinine in it. A friend drinks it because it's supposed to help her with her arthritis. Wonder if it does work with colds--you could try it!

  4. Cough cough, hack hack, sniff sniff, I feel your pain!! Tis the season I guess. :-) What a fabulous little machine you inherited!! I know you must be dancing in your shoes!! You girls made great use of your time. Love all the little quilties. Perfect for hanging on your rack!

  5. Your little hearts display is adorable! Shamrocks would work so well with that idea. You and your friend obviously had a gay ole time. All those pieces look lovely! Old machines are definitely fun.

  6. Mom says the machine looks great all cleaned up! She'll call you when she needs something heavy duty sewn on this machine! Enjoy it. Glad you're feeling better.


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