Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quilting Controversies and Artists ad Nauseum

I happened upon some recent blogs opining the decline of "excellence" in quilting and the lack of originality in designs today.  One blogger wrote about the "dumbing down" of quilting today.  Another wrote about the work of one particular quilter that had been published in American Craft magazine, basically saying that it wasn't up to the standards of the magazine.  These blogs were full of the term "quilt artist" (which they deemed themselves to be) and it made me recall past controversies about the legitimacy of quilt artists who created their quilts by MACHINE.  (Oh the shame of it!)  And I wonder...will there always be snotty, condescending, self-proclaimed quilt "artists" who try to wring every last drop of joy out of the quilting process?  Who disdain the efforts of the millions of quilters who happily create their quilts using the patterns purchased from others?  Who belittle, snipe and ridicule folks who want to play and not follow the rules (or who ONLY want to follow the rules)? These back-biters have tiny souls and thus I would argue that they have no repository of creativity upon which they can rightfully call themselves artists.

So to these Creators of Controversy I say: Drop the "artist" schtick, would you?  Everybody and their brother calls themselves artists now.  Artists are as common as a copper penny.  Instead, call yourselves what you really are:  critics.

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