Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Its (My) Friday!

Since I work Mondays and Tuesdays at my local quilt shop, Tuesday night has become my FRIDAY night.  Not that the job is so stressful that I'm looking forward to "Friday" (what does it matter anyway, in retirement?), its just a comforting routine - a carryover from the "real" work world. I like it.

As usual, I am full of so many plans and possibilities.  Tomorrow I will spend the day sewing with two of my bestest sewing buddies.  I plan to finish a wristlet I cut out and then machine-blanket-stitch an applique quilt for my mom.  Said quilt is on a black background so I'd better get it done before I am unable to sew on a black background also!  (Besides, it was her birthday yesterday and it would be a nice present for her to have it all done!) If there is a ghost of a chance that I might finish both projects, I'm taking along my BOM applique project, too.  I know...its a very ambitious agenda but hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Happy Fri...er...Tuesday!

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