Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sew Day!

Denny and Jacquelyn came over and we had lunch (soup) and then sewed.  At least, Denny and Jacquelyn sewed.  I flitted around amassing various unfinished projects and managed to organize my samples for my class tomorrow.  Here's what we did!

Denny sewed on her bowl...
...and the bowl grew!

Jacquelyn finished the center block for the Hearts & Hands BOM. Isn't it gorgeous???  (Yes, she IS hiding behind the block!)
Jacquelyn also finished the eyeglass kit she brought along.  (She CAN stay focused!) Cute, aren't they? (Jacquelyn AND the eyeglass case!)

I...made a mess. Looks like a busy place though, eh?
(Like my decorating touches in the background?  I decorate with sticks!)
More of my (impressive) mess. 

Phil, hiding out in his film studio. He decorates with technical equipment and Sham Wows.

We had tons of fun, laughed a lot, and even made some progress on our projects.  An A-One Day!!
(Its OK to come out now, Watson)  :D


  1. It WAS a good time. And all of us got stuff done and have (or had) something to show for it.

  2. I had a great time, as usual. Yep Denny and I kept (or tried to keep) Sheryl on track.
    I put my rotary cutter in the 'eyeglass' case... way handy.


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