Wednesday, January 23, 2013

So Glad You Dropped By!

Marlene from Stitchin By The Lake  has been hosting a weekly blog-land look-about and I was listed amongst this week's sites to visit.  Thank you Marlene!

If you haven't taken a look at Marlene's blog yet you are in for a treat!  She is a lovely, talented lady and unfailingly gracious to all who visit her site. 

 I check out her blog every day, and am especially glad I did so early today last post was kinda cranky and I didn't want folks to visit and leave with the impression that I am a whiny curmudgeon. (I try to keep that part of my personality under wraps :) ).

Since I don't have a tutorial ready for you or even a new, finished project to show off, how about some cookies and coffee? (Guaranteed: no calories!)

Enjoy your look around my place, introduce yourself and, if you would like to invite me to drop by your place, I'd love to!

Pressing On,


  1. Hi Neighbor! Marlene sent me over. I'm Jeanne from Illinois. This morning It is extremely cold here and snowing here - wish I was in Arizona visiting you! Come for a visit any time though - it's warm inside! Thanks for the cookies! ~Jeanne

  2. If you're having cookies I'll be there. :) blessings, marlene

  3. I have made a mess of my computer screen trying to get at those cookies!

  4. Howdy neighbor,
    I love cookies, thanks so much~lol!! My name was on the list today too, so trying to visit all the lovely ladies on the list as much as I can.

    Please feel free to stop by sometime.


  5. thanks... always nice to drop by for cookies and coffee.....

  6. Hi Neighbor, Thank you for making me feel so welcome, I love cookies. Come and visit me up in the mountains.

  7. Came over for a visit from StitchinByTheLake. I did not see that I was listed in the Neighbors list on time to put up a new post. It was a long work day with an appointment at the end. I hope that everyone will scroll down a bit and check out some of my earlier posts. Coffee anytime, unfortunately on Weight Watchers so I can only have one cookie instead of my usual three! Glad to have came by and hope to be your neighbor!


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