Thursday, November 29, 2012

Holiday Memories

Years and years ago when the kiddos were young I baked up a storm for Christmas. 
 Peanut brittle. Toffee. Fudge. Pounds and pounds of fudge. 
Chocolate-covered pretzels. Banana bread.  Strawberry bread.  
Fruitcake (yes, I am the one person in the world who loves fruitcake!).
 Rum cake. Zucchini bread. Pumpkin bread. 
Thumbprint cookies. Candy cane cookies. 
Gingerbread men. Decorated sugar cookies. 
 I loved all that baking! (I even made plum pudding one year!)  

I gave away tons of baked goodies as gifts and the rest was served 
at our Christmas Eve open house for family and friends.
  Such sweet memories!

Christmases are different now, with kids/grandkids in Hawaii, Oregon and North Carolina
...and we're in Arizona.  
Diets change, too.
So my baking binges are a thing of the past.
Still, sometimes the urge hits and there's nothing to do but give in to it and bake something.
So I did!

Candy cane cookies! 

Its been 20 years or more since I made a batch of these.
They take time to make but that's OK when you're in the throes of a Baking Urge.
Hands all greasy and gooey.
Carefully rolling each log to the correct size. 
Twisting them together two by two.
Loading up the cookie sheet and popping them into the oven.
Enjoying the wonderful smell of cookies baking.
Mmmmmm...the smells of Christmas and treasured memories!
Life IS good!

Happy Days,
Gramma Sheri


  1. I will sacrifice for you- please bake anything you want and I will gladly eat it for you! (I am a terrible baker and my husband suffers because of that!)

  2. They look fantastic... and I bet they taste good too

  3. I remember baking these with my kids. The baking part was probably better than the tasting, but they were great time. Yours look delicious and brought back terrific memories. Thanks! Happy Holidays to you and yours!!

  4. I miss those times. Thinking of making lots and lots of Christmas goodies this year. Just getting excited for Jesus' Christmas Party. I've decorated and now am planning the meals and treats! I forgot some of those breads. I wanna make some. I miss that strawberry bread (or was it cranberry) sandwiches with the orange creamy middles. I miss those dearly. I wanna make some of that this year. Do you still have the recipe?
    I haven't been able to get the toffee to work but everyone loves my peanut brittle. I'll be taking that to a cookie exchange this weekend. I'll be bagging up 6 dozen little servings.
    I have fond memories of the plum pudding--think I'm gonna do that this year for Christmas Eve and will have the traditional Christmas Eve goodies we used to do.
    Hoping to make some sugar cookies with the kids.
    Oh--and I'm going to introduce my friends to the joys of Velveeta fudge! :)

  5. Sheri -- I learned to make these cookies in Home Ec in 7th grade -- they've been on our Christmas cookie platters for as long as I've been making cookie platters!! :)


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