Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Seasonal Wall-Hangings

Finally I do have some things to show.  Not all are completed yet but I feel the need to prove to Blogland that I have been busy!

First up: a Spooky Victorian Mansion (pattern by Sharon and Jason Yenter).
My apologies for such a bad photo. This was so enjoyable to make. Most of the fabrics are from the Hallographix II line by Jason Yenter.  I selected a few from my own stash (had to get some Ghastlies peeking from the windows, after all!), like the "eyes" fabric, the fields in the background, the sidewalk and steps, and the two shrubs.  Oh, and I fussy-cut the owl on the rooftop from a piece of fabric that has NOTHING to do with spooky mansions, but there were shadings in it that looked like owl now there is a little owl-shaped piece in the middle of my yard of fabric!  I left off the 6 1/2" outer border so my version fits where I want to hang it. 
Got this done just before heading out on our vacation (more about that tomorrow).

Since coming home last week I've been trying to catch up on samples and writeups for my fall classes.  One is a series of quick and easy Christmas tree wall-hangings. I've shown one here already (it is the completed one) and these are the other two I'm working on:

They look kinda nakedy but will be much prettier with the decorative stitching, quilting and binding (and new photos!). Yep, these were cut with the Accuquilt Go! Baby cutter.  I am having a lot of fun with this cutter and no, I do NOT represent them nor do I recommend throwing away your rotary cutter (I love my rotary cutter!). It is fun for a change though and a nice side-benefit is that I am learning a lot about my machine's decorative stitches.

So that's it for now.  Gotta go look at the rain (its an event here in southern AZ) and watch the lighting show.

Happy Days!
Gramma Sheri


  1. Great works, Sheri! The Spooky Mansion is really fun to look at. And those trees are gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful work GmaSheri!! I'm so glad you took pictures to post here :) Best wishes for more fun in the sewing room!!

  3. Hi GSheri...thank you for your kind email~ I like your Christmas Trees~ They are very nice! It reminds me to start sewing for that Season soon~ Love, Cathy ♥

  4. I really, really love your spooky mansion block.


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