Monday, June 18, 2012

Mystery (to me) Quilt Block

I found this quilt top at an antiques shop in Henryetta, Arkansas. It was made with feed sacks, men's shirts and other fabrics, and was sewn both by machine and by hand. Not familiar with this block but I quite like it. Any ideas?


  1. That is such a fun find .... cant help with the block name - are you going to finish it off into a quilt?

  2. Where is Henryetta, Arkansas? I thought I knew every town in this little state but that's a new one on me. :) Love the quilt! blessings, marlene

    1. Oh no! We were driving through Arkansas by the I wrote this post, and meant
      to say Oklahoma. Thanks for gently pointing out my geographical
      misstep Marlene! ;)
      Folks, don't go hunting for Henryetta AR, 'cause you won't find it!
      But that's ok, because Henryetta OK will fill the bill!


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