Monday, November 22, 2010

Toils and Trouble

Sometimes in life you make a judgment call with the best of intentions, to help someone or to foster goodwill, and it all goes wrong. Sometimes a friend will tell others their version of what you did and then no amount of explaining on your part will make things right.  This leads to discouragement as you realize that the thing you did last is the only thing that counts and that not all of your friends really are.

So, the best course of action in any group or work situation is to just follow the rules to a T (as long as they are not immoral, illegal or unethical), maintain a cordial, gentle aloofness in your friendships, and keep your mouth shut as much as possible.  Not the happiest way to live, but if you're going to be hung on the gallows at least it will most likely be for a major crime and not for a victimless misdemeanor.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled, at-home, no-one-judging-or-watching, creative, sewing and baking activities!


  1. I'm all for that. And I love the new earrings that you have in the shop for sale. How did your get all those little 'circle rings' to fit like that? YOU are so clever.

  2. :D The little rings are called "jump rings" (don't know why) and the result of putting them together in patterns is called "chain maille". Its quite fun and absorbing, like putting together puzzles. I bought some books and taught myself. 'Tis easy!


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